I don’t have writers block…

Since my first (fiction) book was released about a month ago I have been anxious to start writing a new story; another tale of macabre. I have a few goals with this second book, but I’m running into a bit of a problem. As of this moment in time I have written exactly zero words of this book. Now, granted, they are the best set of zero words I’ve ever written, but at this rate, finishing anything might take a wee bit longer than I was hoping.

The thing is though that I don’t have writers block. I am not struggling trying to figure out what to write at all, my problem is exactly the opposite. I have too many ideas of what to write and they’re jumbling up inside my head and I’m finding it difficult to focus on just one of them. One story is bleeding into the others and they all start running together which makes for little more than confusion.

I considered briefly having a multitude of stories started at once and writing about the one that was inspiring me at the moment and swapping between them all as my mood changed before realizing that was one of the more stupid ideas I had ever had. Even if I could eventually finish them all (which seems unlikely), I would consistently get the stories confused while I was writing leading to the reader being even more confused before they eventually just decided I was a terrible writer and never looked my way again.

I wonder how people pick the story they want to write about when there are so many in their head?

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