Sometimes I don’t understand book reviews..

Not that I have any complaint about them, it’s just odd. For example, my latest book only has a single review, but the review is glowing and the best it could be.  Now, I naturally don’t know how other books are doing, but I am a little obsessive compulsive, so I do watch the average Amazon sales numbers, and compare them to how my book has been doing. Generally, in the category the book is in, we do very well (which is awesome), yet I see other books doing much worse in the average sales with many more reviews and I wonder why? Does their publisher try to prime the channel with reviews? Pay people to give reviews? Maybe those books just give people the overwhelming need to tell others about them, where ours does not?

I also know that our book isn’t perfect, I’ve seen mistakes in there.

I’m curious though, what do you think about the book? Like it? Hate it?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I don’t understand book reviews..”

  1. Your book sells because of your name and reputation. Amazon reviews are full of ‘professional’ reviewers and buddy’s of the author who always give 5* but when you look at what else they reviewed its rarely things in the same topic.

    When i read reviews I tend to only read the bad ones and if I find multiple with the same opinion I don’t get the book or I read some on amazon to see if they are right.

  2. ZMan has a point. I bought your book because I read Managed DirectX: Kick Start a few years ago and loved it. So far I am liking XNA Game Studio 4.0 Programming, and I’ll be reviewing it soon (there is a 1-star review that is completely unfair IMO).

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