Visual Basic for XNA?

So it seems that it was annouced today that XNA is coming to Visual Basic! I have to admit the announcement caught me a bit by surprise. As one of the people who has had to investigate (at various times) what it would take to make this happen, I have no idea where the team has gotten the time to do this! As the article says though, it was one of the most popular feature requests I can remember though so it’s good that it’s finally happening.

Wish there was more information though. For example, when is it coming? Is it coming on all the platforms, particularly Xbox? The picture in the article implies it will, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I know they said to wait a few months, but given people have been waiting for literally years at all, I wish they would have waited until they could give us all the information rather than teasing it early when they cannot.

Although, I suppose I could be in the minority in thinking that. Some folks just like be teased and waiting a few months.

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