Managed DirectX Game Engine..

I just got an email from the folks @ Suva Interactive, and it seems they have a game engine using exclusively managed code and MDX in particular.

I haven’t had enough time to actually look at it in depth, but it looks promising from what I did see.  Seems they entered it into the CSD competition recently, hopefully they did well in that!

I’d recommend checking it out..

Professional Game Developers use Managed DirectX?

Check out the video that David Weller did with Steve Lacey, the graphics lead for Flight Simulator.

About 3/4 through the video his comments:

“The Managed DirectX stuff these days is a great starting point, and for a lot of people a great finishing point as well for shipping titles.”


“We internally in the flight sim team use Manage DirectX in a lot of our tools”

Always nice to see the professionals enjoying our stuff.  Now just wait until they see the upcoming Whidbey stuff. =)