Tampa Bay Lightning – Stanley Cup Champions..

As a sports fan, I’m what you might call a “bandwagon jumper” (a cardinal sin for a ‘true sports fan’ i’m told).  I have my favorite teams just like everyone else, but once they’ve lost, I have no problems with picking a new team to cheer for out of the remaining teams.  In my opinion, sports are purely for entertainment, so as long as i’m entertained, I’m a happy guy.  If ‘my team’ wins, so much the better..  For example, the St Louis Rams are ‘my team’ in football.  Back a few years ago when they won the superbowl, boy, that was awesome.  Two years later, when they *lost* the superbowl to the New England Patriots, that was still a great game.  I was entertained, I was happy.  Once the team I’m rooting for is gone, I promptly switch to the team I think will be the most entertaining to me.  Last year, when the Rams were eliminated from the playoffs by the Carolina Panthers the very next week I was cheering on the Panters to beat the Eagles (which they did)..  I’ve never understood that whole ‘loyalty’ thing with sports teams, but that’s just me.

Anyway, since I rarely watch sports (any sport) outside of the playoffs, it’s always exciting when I finally get around to seeing a game.  I don’t really think there is anything better in sports than a game 7, and a game 7 in the finals for the Stanley Cup.. Well, that is the *best* thing going.  The only thing possibly better is if it went into overtime.  There’s such a finality to it.  Given the last few minutes of the game tonight, I thought this one was going to overtime like the last two.  It would have been ‘poetic’ if it had. In my opinion, Khabibulin should have won the Conn Smythe award because without him, they never would have won this series.  They were way outplayed for long stretches, and he kept them in it.  Sure, the 10/16 points on game winning goals is an awesome stat, but really..

Oh, and i was rooting for the Flames.  After all was said and done though, it was a great game.  I was entertained, that’s all that matters.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Stanley Cup Champions..  Now, will rooting for the Lakers work out? =)

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