Shows you how much I pay attention..

It wasn’t until I saw a comment from someone on one of my earlier posts that I realized my second book was now listed on the major book sites (although it won’t be ‘available’ until this summer)..

You can read more about it here.

Now i’ll try to answer some of the questions raised by that reply..  First, this book is *not* the one I discuss during the .NET Show episode (that’s coming after this one)..  Second, Space Tag also isn’t included (if you want a 3D space game, David Weller’s book has a 3D version of space war)..  The three games discussed in this text are a simple puzzle game, a 3d ‘tank’ game, and a racing game.  The last game is written entirely using HLSL, and avoids the fixed function pipeline..


Managed DirectX – Have you used it?

So I asked before what types of features you would like to see in Managed DirectX (and the feedback was awesome – I’m still interested in this topic)..  What I’m also interested in that I didn’t ask about back then though was what types of things people are using it for currently?

Are you using it to write some tools?  Game engines?  Playing around on the weekends?  What experiences have you had working with the API?