It’s a revolution…

Ok, I hate to admit it, but the fact is I totally love the Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix game for the XBox..  It’s addicitive, upbeat, and best of all you get a workout!  How many ‘video games’ can you play and work up a sweat after an hour or so?  I remember the first time i tried it, “Castles In The Sky” is the first song that is selected, and i went about flailing around like an idiot for 45 seconds or so before I was rudely reminded that I sucked.  I thought to myself, “Holy crap, this is horrible, who would subject themselves to this?!?!”

Here we are now a couple months later and well, I guess i’d be the one subjecting myself to that.  I discovered i could hear the beats, follow the rythm and all of a sudden i could beat every song in the game.  I moved off of the ‘Light’ setting (that’s the version of ‘easy’) and upgraded to Standard, and once i beat all the songs there, i moved up to heavy..  I still haven’t beaten all of the songs in that mode yet, but i’ve beaten enough.. Then, just when i bask in the glory of complete domination, bam!  new songs to download from Xbox live.   Unfortunately the songs you get from XBL are pretty easy, but it’s still nice to get some new songs, even if i did have to pay $10 for them..

The only complaint i have is you can’t import your audio tracks from the hard disk and make up your own beats.  You can make up your own beats for the songs that ship with the game, so they have the ability.  Probably a revenue thing since they can charge for the new songs.  I won’t complain too much.

Now i just need to watch out for my son.  He’s almost to the point where he can beat me on the easy settings (and can sometimes)..  Kids with never-ending energy!

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